Judging “That” Mother

by Guest, Ashley Burtram

Tonight I found myself at a gas station at 10:30 pm. With my awake 3-year-old. With my sweating 10-month-old in a full-body onesie, in 85 degree weather. Wearing “booty shorts.” In my leftover hair & makeup from a day at the pool. Continue reading Judging “That” Mother

The Quest to Have Our Children Firmly Rooted In Faith

Proverbs Chapter 22: verse 6 advises us, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it.”

We train up our children in the same way that we would train up any young sapling by firstly ensuring that they are firmly rooted in soil that is best suited for their optimal growth. Continue reading The Quest to Have Our Children Firmly Rooted In Faith

When Dreams Die

This is one mom's experience when her son tested as having a low percentage chance of achieving "school success." Through her determination and dedication the outcome was totally unexpected! It took 20 years, but you won't believe how this one turned out.

Please note: This mom has requested to stay anonymous. Her and her husband were close friends of my wife and me when our sons were young and did activities together.

My heart sank.  Panic set in.

The test results showed “poor chance for success in school.” The principal kindly encouraged me but I heard nothing.  My husband, a tenured professor and I a post-grad library media specialist had a child that had, in my thinking at that moment, NO FUTURE!

Tears.  Fears. Continue reading When Dreams Die

Thankfulness Tree

This is a Thankfulness Tree.

photo 3

I saw it a few years ago on Pinterest, and I knew I wanted to make one. Fall is a season of “getting” in our family. My son has a September birthday, so of course he gets presents. Then it’s on to Halloween and church Harvest Fests when he gets tons of candy. Then Christmas when he gets presents again. Oh, and there’s a blip of a day in there where we’re supposed to be thankful. I saw this tree as a way to possibly turn it around. Continue reading Thankfulness Tree