How to Pass On Hate To Your Children

When I was speaking on Cyber Safety there was a famous Cyber Bullying case in Florida. Two girls used a fictional social media account and “led on” another unpopular girl who was not considered to be good looking or part of the “in” crowd. After first pretending to like her, they then destroyed her hope by using the fictional account to be very, very cruel. It was widely believed that due to the cruelty inflicted from the fictional social media account the targeted girl committed suicide.

As you can imagine this ignited the fury of every mom who ever had a child who was bullied. One local newspaper ran a story on their website with pictures of the girl who took her life and pictures of these two high school girls who executed the stunt. Continue reading How to Pass On Hate To Your Children

Judging “That” Mother

by Guest, Ashley Burtram

Tonight I found myself at a gas station at 10:30 pm. With my awake 3-year-old. With my sweating 10-month-old in a full-body onesie, in 85 degree weather. Wearing “booty shorts.” In my leftover hair & makeup from a day at the pool. Continue reading Judging “That” Mother

Subtle Messages Sent To Our Little Girls

Subtle ways we create girls who worry about how they look.

You know I am all about honesty. So let’s get it out there. Some little girls (and boys, but they don’t seem to be affected by this as much) are really cute and some, well, are not. Sure, all children are “little kid cute.” I know, sugar and spice and all. But no matter how much I tell my mind not to do it, without thinking my brain tells me, “that little girl is really cute.” And no thought comes to my brain for other little girls. (Of course as someone who works with children, after you get to know a child you think of them as being synonymous with their personality, not their looks, but not at first.) Continue reading Subtle Messages Sent To Our Little Girls

Win Your Child’s Heart By Doing This

If parents could just change this one area of their relationship with their child, they would win the hearts of their sons and daughters.

Parenting is hard. In my crazy head I imagine parenting is like being one of those chain saw artists. You have a crude log that you have to saw away and end up with a beautiful carving. But if I tried it I would end up with sawdust. Some times parenting feels like we are tasked with using a chainsaw to produce a beautiful piece of art. Parenting is not easy. Rather it seems nearly impossible to completely get it right. So here is a simple way to help you on your parenting journey.

Call it a parent hack. A trick. A magic bullet. Call it what you want. But honestly, for many parents this one change will help stop fights, create a calmer home and get you and your child on the same side.

So what is this change? Continue reading Win Your Child’s Heart By Doing This

Are You Raising Kids or Godly Men and Women?

Some days it is hard. Very hard.

As a parent of 4 and someone who worked in Christian organizations it was easy to find myself buried in an avalanche of “have to’s” and “emergencies.” On the parenting front I wanted to set goals and have objectives to keep the greater purpose and long term outlook in the front of my thinking so I could love, teach and respond to my children with those goals in mind.

But somehow having to survive always took precedence! Maybe a better way to put that – the “Survival Lion” would outrun, crush and eat the “Goals Antilope.” Continue reading Are You Raising Kids or Godly Men and Women?

Did Christ Influence Our Nation’s Founding?

The Thanksgiving special at CBN News highlights several stories from the Pilgrims to our Nation’s Founding in Philadelphia and more.

I think this is a great 23 minute program to watch and talk about with your elementary to young high school student. Continue reading Did Christ Influence Our Nation’s Founding?

Keep Your Daughter’s True Beauty Shining

I have three daughters and three granddaughters. There is something special about girls. While I find boys fun and adventurous and enjoy roughhousing, those girls can melt my heart faster than fast. Their ability to notice the little things in life, their inner strength but at the same time often so sensitive, I just love them!

But for us men, and women can get caught up in this as well, we are especially impressed by the sight of physical beauty. Our default is to notice and then subsequently comment on physical beauty that catches our eye. But as fathers and grandfathers (and mothers and grandmothers) we need to resist the natural tendency to make our daughters think that their real beauty comes from the physical. Continue reading Keep Your Daughter’s True Beauty Shining

The Quest to Have Our Children Firmly Rooted In Faith

Proverbs Chapter 22: verse 6 advises us, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it.”

We train up our children in the same way that we would train up any young sapling by firstly ensuring that they are firmly rooted in soil that is best suited for their optimal growth. Continue reading The Quest to Have Our Children Firmly Rooted In Faith

What Every Christian Boy Should Know

Can I be honest? Many Christian boys seem to think their p*nis (modified spelling so as not to be flagged by search engines) is a bad thing. It is a body part that causes shame and embarrassment and is taboo to speak about in front of one’s parents. All the while he is subjected to a constant source of crudities, jokes, jeers, etc. among his peers.

He gets advice about his body from peers, the media and school, but almost total silence from parents and the church. He is generally only told to “stay pure for marriage” but the thought that his p*nis could be very purposeful in God’s design and even part of God’s earthly example to help mankind understand a very spiritual matter is never discussed. Continue reading What Every Christian Boy Should Know

Are Organized Sports Always Good For Children?

I was 11 or 12. I had never had an adult so blatantly insult me before. Not ever. I did not tell my parents what he said until I was an adult. To this day it still bothers me to think about the words spoken to me that day.

My dad was big into baseball. I heard the stories growing up. He was the sandlot league leader in homeruns and often led his team in batting average. We heard the story of one gentleman who would watch my dad’s sandlot games and as soon as my dad hit a homerun this gentleman would get up from the stands and say “I have seen what I came to see!” then walk home. Military service ended my father’s sandlot career but he kept his two bats and glove and they were a constant reminder to me of his “glory days.” My father coached little league for 2 years until his second child arrived. This only added to his legend. My dad’s team never lost a game while he was coaching. Their only two losses happened when my dad was away.

So you can imagine the pressure. Continue reading Are Organized Sports Always Good For Children?