The Importance Of A Filter

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop problems before they begin?  With an effective filter you do just that.

Today our children are too tech savvy to rely on simple accountability methods. Are you a parent who thinks they can simply check the browser history or use a low level filter?  These are no match for our tech savvy kids. They know how to erase histories or set their browser to “private browsing” and even download another browser to temporarily use before removing the entire browser!

Fortunately, as clever as our children get, top level internet filters are keeping up with the technology. Filters such as Safe Eyes or BSafe outsmart even the smartest children.  Many wifi devices including Wii are protected with these top level filters. If you are serious about keeping your child accountable and keeping them from coming into contact with inappropriate or even dangerous material then you must get a top level filter.

I suggest one of the first two if you have any children who are 9 and above.  If your children are still younger there is a free filter called K9, but it is less customizable, for example you have to block all or allow all YouTube videos instead of blocking by content.  This “all or nothing” begins to cause frustration in your children so around 9 or 10 I highly recommend one of the more sophisticated filters.

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K-9 Web Filtering is a free filter. We recommend this filter for children age 9 and under. As children get older they will want to view videos and other material. This filter can only block YouTube and certain sites, it cannot filter between the good and the bad on these sites.