Thank you for taking the time and investing in making your child’s Cyber World a safe place!

One of the best ways we know of to help keep your child’s Cyber Experience a safe and happy one is to get our children’s friends to also be protected. The more protected your friends children are the more protected your child will be from many of today’s Cyber Troubles.

Please take some time and recommend Cyber Safety Seminar and our services to your friends. You can do the following:

  • Share your experience
  • Give Cyber Safety Seminar’s website URL (http://CyberSafetySeminar) to your friends
  • Like us on facebook – – then “share” posts that are relevant
  • When you hear of parents who are struggling or if a child posts something inappropriate on your child’s account or phone take the opportunity to tell the parents about our services

Again, thanks so very much! If you would take some and send us feedback on your experience we would appreciate it.

Mark Strohm and the Cyber Safety Team