Elementary Resources
Did you know you can lock the Safe Search setting on Google with a password?  Check out the many Google safety features –
Google Family Safety Center Page:  Google Safety

Stop. Think. Connect. Video –

Video lessons from Google for Children on staying safe online:

Windows Family Safety Page – includes how to set up safety settings in windows, xbox and zune as well as many other safety tips.  Windows Family Safety Page

Microsoft Security Essentials – Essentials

Teach online safety – by the National Security Alliance: Teach Online Safety

Middle School Resources
Journal of My New Computer

High School Resources
How To Set Up A facebook Group For Privacy

Connect Safely – A Parents’ Guide to Facebook – 32 page booklet helping parents understand Facebook and how to use it safely.

Not sure where to start in guiding your teen on what to keep private on facebook?  Here is a chart that will be very helpful from Connect Safely: Facebook Privacy Chart

Seminar Notes

MACSA Cyber Safety Seminar 11/11/10 – MACSA CCS (413)

MACSA Cyber Behavior Seminar 11/11/10 Cyber Behavior MACSA (407)

Goshen Baptist Church 11/09/2010 – Seminar Slides From Goshen Baptist (378)