Setup facebook Group

For several years individuals thought that groups needed to be for the general facebook public.  However, you can set up a group for a limited number of individuals to keep posts private.  While this could be used to help families or individuals keep certain information private, it can also be used to lock out authority.  I suggest you use groups for the former and keep an eye on your children’s facebook accounts to prevent the latter.

Sing into your facebook account and click on “home.”

On the left side you should see the following:

Click on “Create Group” to get the following poppup box for setting up a group.

Name your group.  Fill in members, but don’t worry as you can add more members later.

Make sure you leave the Privacy setting to Closed so only those you add can be part of the group.  This is how you keep your group private.

After you click Create and leave the group you can now go back by clicking on the group name down the left of your facebook home page.

To the left you can see I have two private groups that are listed – one called Strohm Family and one called Videos For Elena.  When in facebook I can click on these groups and go to the group page to add content.  When I add content it will show up on the page of all members only.  If anyone else comes to my page, they will not see what was posted in the private group.  Nor will they see any responses I give to group content.

As you can see below, you add content in a similar way you add content to your wall or homepage.

Hope that helps.  With a little ingenuity parents can use these private groups to help keep teens from being embarrassed by certain family content.  I believe these groups will also encourage responses from those “silent” teens.

If you have any questions or concerns about safety on facebook you can visit the following link:!/help/?safety