Cyber Safety Seminar provides the following Seminars:

Cyber Safety Seminar
Available to Christian audiences.  This seminar outlines the three ingredients it takes to come together to create an ugly three eyed monster – the illegal, injurious, inappropriate – and the needed steps to neutralize trouble.  This seminar is directed to parents whose children are on the internet.

Cyber Safety Online Seminar
This series of on demand videos is available for parents who are unable to attend a Cyber Safety Seminar in person or who wish to review the lessons taught at a seminar.

Cyber Safety Teachers Training
Available to Christian Schools and Churches, this seminar guides teachers and Christian leaders on how to use Ephesians 4 and 5 as a basis to teach godly online behavior.  A lesson plan outline is shared.

Cyber School Training and Policy Audit
Available to Christian Schools, this audit helps schools audit their present computer and internet training and policies to see if they are in line with today’s computer savvy students.

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