Take A Stand Against Pornography

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Pornography is not victimless.

What You Can Do To Take A Stand

1.  Admit The Problem
The truth is we were all born with a sin nature.  We were also created with a sexual drive.  God desires for us to fulfill that sexual drive through marriage.   Yet, that sin nature draws us away from what God intended.  If we admit this temptation is real we will be willing to follow a path which will help us take a stand.  If we deny or ignore this temptation we are setting ourselves up for trouble.

2. Beg God For Help
If you have not already turned to Jesus Christ and admitted that you are a sinner who cannot be good enough on your own, then you need to turn to Him and ask Him to save you from a life of sin.  (Please contact your local church to find out more about this important step.)

Once we admit our weakness to God we need to pray and seek Him for help in taking a stand.  Prayer is a key in this battle.  Only through God’s grace can we stand up against this temptation.

3. Create Roadblocks
After admitting and praying now you need to set yourself up to succeed.  Do whatever you have to to make accessing pornography difficult.  Here are some suggestions.

a. Don’t subscribe to cable movie channels.  If you have them, cancel the subscription.
b. Take advantage of phone services to block accessibility to pornography though applications, etc.  These are typically set up for children, but are useful to others as well.
c. Install an internet filter.  I suggest Safe Eyes.  Make someone else the administrator of the filter.  Allow them to type in an administrator password.
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4. Don’t Go It Alone
Accountability is a key to success. Confide in someone who will be willing and able to help keep you on track. A parent, a spouse or Christian friend can encourage you, get reports from your internet filter and can pray with you as you stake a stand.

5. Expect a Battle
Don’t assume things will get better quickly. If you have struggled for a while, it is unlikely you will gain complete victory in a week. Continue to guard yourself and stay accountable.

6. Find Outside Help If Needed
For some, this battle is actually an addiction.  If you have done the above and find yourself consumed by and constantly figuring out how to view pornography, you should seek professional help.  A pastor or someone can guide you to professional Christian counseling.

Here are helpful books: