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Mark Strohm has worked in Education and family ministries for 30 years. Mark has been teacher, children’s pastor, adjunct professor, and Christian school principal. He has taught parenting seminars, Sunday School classes and has been guest speaker for children and middle school parent meetings. Recently Mark authored Loving Limits, to help parents establish and keep appropriate limits for their young children. (Download the booklet for free at http://llbook.colossians2.com)
Ellen Strohm has served the Lord in dozens of capacities. Presently she works for a non-profit organization spreading Scriptures through the world. Coaching, Sunday School teacher, directed Church Nursery department, Church Deaconess, Parent Adviser to church youth group, to name a few.

Most importantly Mark and Ellen are parents of a son, 23 and three daughters from 15 to 21.

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May God’s grace and peace be with you,
Mark Strohm, Jr.